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Concerts and Longevity

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Here’s a very pleasant way to improve your health and enhance longevity – at least according to a study by the venue O2 and a University of London expert in behavioral science. It finds Attending a concert once every two weeks can increase your life expectancy by 9 years.

We know that listening to music is one way to relieve stress and attending gigs is a way to be social. The life extension estimate wasn’t a random guess. Psychometric testing and heart-rate tests were given to the participants of the study. Results showed that the participants increased their feelings of self-worth (25%), closeness to others (25%) and mental stimulation (75%) when they attended concerts. And it didn’t take long – just 20 minutes in the audience can result in a 21% increase in feelings of well-being

And what about solitary musical pleasures? On that note, it turns out that confining your love for music to the comforts of your own home will still do you good. But attending a gig is way better.

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