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No Mid-life Crisis

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Some Israeli psychologists are busting myths about the so-called mid-life crisis. They don’t buy the theory that Zoomers are vulnerable because they face diminished expectations and their own mortality.

This idea became current 40 years ago, when the average lifespan was 70 and “mid-life” came at age 35. Dr. Carlo Strenger says now that we’re living longer, mid-life is actually the best time to flourish and grow. But you have to use of what you’ve learned about yourself in the first half of your life to make the second half most fulfilling.

That makes sense when you consider that most people make their most important decisions before they really know who they are. By age 30, most of us have already married, decided where to live, bought our first home, and chosen our career.

Strenger says we should think about a mid-life transition not a crisis and he calls his advice Tips for Living Life Twice.

First, you have to believe that you have more high-quality adult years ahead of you than behind you, and realize what that means in planning for the future.

Then, take stock of your strongest abilities and what you enjoy most, not what others expect of you.

And don’t be afraid of obstacles. Bottom line, once you realize how much time you have left in this world, you will find it’s worth it to invest energy in major changes like a new career or a big move.

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