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Five reasons to buy a used car

Are you wondering whether your next car should be new or used? Here are the top five reasons to buy a used car according to the Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario.

We all know vehicles take a bit hit on depreciation as soon as they’re driven off the lot. Studies have shown that three- to five-year-old vehicles have already experienced the greatest percentage of their depreciation. Used cars offer consumers the chance to save thousands of dollars or even affordably upgrade to a better class of vehicle.

A well- maintained used vehicle with service records is a good thing because any defects that might go unnoticed in a new car will have already revealed been dealt with.

Unlike cars made years ago,  today’s vehicles, are  built to last. With proper maintenance, they can keep going for  200,000 km, 300,000 km or more.

If you’re buying used, you can see the car, drive and try the options. You can’t do  that when ordering a new car from a photo or option description.

Used vehicles can be less expensive to insure. Just make sure you ask for a vehicle history report.

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