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Love and Marriage

You know what they say about love and marriage. Well now the scientific community is weighing in and love is apparently  NOT enough to keep a marriage together.

Researchers from the Australian National University, say a couple’s age, previous relationships and even whether they smoke or not are the factors that count.  They tracked nearly 2,500 couples and found that a husband who is nine or more years older than his wife is twice as likely to get divorced, as are husbands who get married before they turn 25.

Children also influence the longevity of a marriage or relationship. One-fifth of couples who have kids before marriage separate. That compares with just nine percent of couples without children born before marriage.

Women who want children much more than their partners are also more likely to get a divorce.

Partners who are on their second or third marriage are 90 percent more likely to separate than spouses who are both in their first marriage.

Not surprisingly, money also plays a role: 16 percent who say they are poor or where the husband — not the wife — was unemployed separated, compared with only nine percent of couples with healthy finances.
And couples where one partner, and not the other, smokes are also more likely to have a relationship that ends in failure.

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