Get Organized Financially

Here’s a New Year’s resolution that doesn’t always make the top of the list: getting organized financially. It’s not just a matter of reviewing your portfolio and rebalancing. You should have a filing system for receipts and maybe use personal finance software — AND you should make sure you can you find your fail-safes and back-up plans when you need them?

For instance:

– Can you quickly locate your insurance policies and other vital information in an emergency? It could cost you a lot of money if you’re missing a vital piece of information — like how many days you have to file a claim.

– Do you know what benefits and discounts you are entitled to from any credit cards, memberships like CARP and rewards cards you have? Taking advantage of these cost-saving measures could save you hundreds of dollars.

– What warranties or extended coverage do you have for certain items, and where is the information stored? Knowing the details could save you paying for a costly repair.

– In the event of identify theft or fraud, do you know whom to contact for help? For instance, what billing companies do you need to contact if you suddenly cancel a credit card or close a bank account?

In short, take stock of what you’ve got… and know where to find it fast.

Review your expenses.

Are you paying too much for your insurance, cell phone or other services? You’ll never know unless you look — and make a few calls to see if there’s a better deal out there.

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