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Loud Noise in Restaurants

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Do you hate the noise in loud restaurants? I certainly do. It’s an important issue here at the station and we’ve launched the Anti-Noise Pollution League to try to make change.

Awareness is growing and the Wall Street Journal has come out with a set of tips to ensure a quieter, more pleasant dining experience. So here’s the advice from the audiologists they polled.

Sit in tables in alcoves which provide a barricade against sound waves. Avoid sitting by the bar or kitchen. Avoid sitting near large parties who tend to talk louder.

Ask for additional light and look at your dining companion. Without realizing it, we read lips.

Ask management to turn the music down, even if you get dirty looks. Not only does this reduce noise, but people will then talk more softly.

Look at photos of the restaurant ahead of time. No carpet, or tablecloths, and boxy dimensions add up to a noisier environment and should raise red flags.

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