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Hard-to-get tables

With the summer travel season about to start, here’s a list of the world’s most hard-to get tables from A celebrity chef, novel cuisine, a decent location, small stature, or a combination of the above can expand a reservation list exponentially. From rural Spain to New York City, Good luck getting a table at these places.

El Bulli 
This is the temple of molecular gastronomy — Albert Adrià’s storied restaurant has taken home esteemed honours, including this year’s prestigious S. Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurant award.  And it’s in a semi-remote area of Catalonia.

Per Se 
This is a New york restaurant by Chef and Owner, Thomas Keller of French Laundry fame.  The original French laundry, located in Napa Valley, has been around since 1978. It’s won countless awards, pleased tongues, and has become a foodie legend.

Expensive and perennially buzzing, Japonais is one of Chicago’s most contentious and popular restaurants. It’s right near the river, and external views, especially from the Riverwalk Café, are stunning.

Fat Duck

Chef Heston Blumenthal’s world-renowned restaurant, the Fat Duck, remains a hot ticket stalwart. Located in Sylvan Bray, United Kingdom — don’t worry, it’s not that far from London — it’s an outpost of epicurean excellence in an atypical milieu.

Talula’s Table 
Forget hotshot chefs, hidden hideaways, or Michelin Star favourites. The most exclusive restaurant in the world is Talula’s Table in Kennett Square, not far from Philadelphia. The restaurant only has one table, with room for eight to twelve lucky diners. Reservations are taken exactly one year in advance from the numerical date and are made available at 7:00am each morning.

I’ll have more tips about the world’s best restaurants in an an upcoming edition.

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