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When you look outside, it may be hard to believe that gardening season is around the corner –  but this is actually a great time to start planning and preparing. One of the biggest goals for many amateur horticulturalists is to make their gardens more green. Denis Flanagan of Landscape Ontario says you should start from the ground up.

“Looking at things like how long you keep your grass – traditionally we’ve cut it way too short, it should be about 3 inches, and that naturally crowds out the weed seeds – you don’t need to apply any type of chemical if you’re crowding out the weed seeds.”

Proper pruning will also prevent a lot of the damage that makes people reach for pesticides. But you’ll have to brush up on your knowledge to get it right.

“We treat pruning a little like having our haircut, so it should be done every month on Tuesday at 3pm – that’s not the case. All plants have a different growth scale and have to be pruned at different times throughout the year, and not sort of just hacked off like we used to, maybe.”

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