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If you’re looking ahead to spring cleaning, or just trying to stay on top of growing piles of clutter, here are some tip from professional organizer Ellen Damaschino. She says a disorganized home or office ultimately comes down to a time-management issue.

“If you don’t organize the things you do in life, you tend to collect stuff – so, a lot of times when we take a piece of paper or something that comes into our house, and it doesn’t find a home, I say it wanders around because clutter is deferred decision making. Things tend to pile up when we don’t decide what to do with it.”

A lot of people, like me, put eventually put things away in special places, only to forget where they are.

“If you always drop your keys when you come in on the table, place a little basket or bin on the table. Use your natural habits and the things that you do, just quickly without thinking, to organize your things.”

You can always hire someone like Ellen to help you get on top of things. Professional organizers charge between 45 and 125 dollars an hour.

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