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While I’m not a boomer (Gen Xer actually) I find your Zoomer reports very interesting and informative.  I’m surprised that people said that they couldn’t understand your slogan and why revenge was in the same phrase with living well.  My Grade 9 English teacher explained the phrase to me after I’d been harassed by some other students (I guess it might qualify as bullying) as I had just started high school.  She said to comfort in knowing that one day I would probably be successful and living comfortably, while those particular individuals would probably be lucky to make anything of themselves, so I totally understand the use of the slogan for your spots.  I also appreciate that it reflected your own situation personally.  I’m surprised that people didn’t get it.  For boomers, living well after years of hard work, raising families, taking care of parents, etc. is a good thing.
Keep up the great work!

Thank you for explaining about “revenge”. I understand so much better now.
Yours truly,

Of course it is your right to use whatever tag line you wish, however, I will always hold your truism that living well IS the best revenge!  I heard your reasons for change on the drive home tonight.
At 57, I’m struggling, but making an ok living and having my own share of issues, however, I’ve outlived my youngest brother Pete who hit a tree at Blue Mountain a few years ago & my younger brother Brian, a successful insurance broker with a great wife and kids who is still recovering from prostate cancer & reconstructive surgeries (and type 2 diabetes) – amazingly, I’m the healthy one. Even my business partner of 20+ years with a much more stable life died 3 yrs ago from complications arising from his flu shot!
What I’m trying to say is, don’t suffer fools. If people don’t get your insight into cheating the inevitable for as long as we can – offer them pity or sympathy.  Personally, I enjoy telling these “idiots & imbeciles” that sympathy can be found in the dictionary just between shit and syphilis.
I enjoy your Zoomer reports, and hope you’ll take this email as my salute you your insight, energy, vitality and celebration of life and living.
Thanks for your well chosen topics – they make my day!

I was delighted to  hear that you have altered the tag line for the Zoomer Report.  I could never understand the Revenge bit until you explained it on the radio today.Our battles do not always resonate with the listener.  It goes to show that one might  have many ideas but it is the voice of the customer that must prevail.
We have been listening to CFMX since their tag line was “The voice of a different drummer”. The New approach sounds interesting – just do not make it too much talk – it is the music that makes this radio station so great.
Lots of Classical stuff.

Dear Libby,
I was just listening to your “Zoomer Report” and am
totally dismayed that you are changing your wonderful
tagline of “living well is the best revenge.” I too am
a cancer survivor, and I loved the line. But I never
thought of it as a survivor. I always thought of it as
a reminder to live well
no matter what anyone thinks about it. It was a
wonderful daily thought to live my life as I saw fit,
not anyone else. I know that time changes our feelings
about many things, and though it was a positive daily
reminder for me and others, I respect your decision.
Just wanted to let you know that there are a lot of
people that will miss it.
Health and Happiness,

Dear Ms. Znaimer,
As an avid listener of classical 96.3 FM, I very much enjoy all your programming, including your very own Zoomer Report. Listening to your broadcast yesterday following the 1:00 P.M. news, I was disappointed to hear your announcement that you were no longer going to sign off with the quote “Living well is the best revenge”. It’s too bad that, as you explained, some listeners did not grasp the context of the word, “revenge”. Some of your listening audience do actually understand the quote, and appreciate its wit and I think it’s a shame that you decided to change it in favour of those who are less imaginative..
Yours truly,

Thanks for changing the motto of your presentations. I didn’t write about the “revenge” part of the old motto because it wasn’t a big deal. Nevertheless I thought it ended your very valuable commentaries on a bit of a negative note. Thanks for having the courage to change it.

Dear Libby,
Thank you for dropping the tagline that contained the word revenge.  Although I understand why you chose it, I always felt uncomfortable with it.
I’m glad that you have recovered from your battle with cancer and we understand what an impact it has had on your life.  Our 20 year old son recently had an operation for colon cancer and by the grace of God has recovered from it.
Your life too has been blessed and we pray that it continues.
We enjoy your program.

Hi Libby:
We (my wife & myself) were really saddened that you dropped the motto “living well is the best revenge”!!! In fact it is a “revenge” (most definitely the feeling of it!), since many major satisfactions in life – especially in later life (we are both over 50) – are often achieved in spite of societal pressure, “wise, sage” advice by peers and/or family, etc., etc. It is quite regrettable that you gave in to the protestations of a politically correct sissy – the word “revenge” had that spice & pizzaz which many of us should be enjoying (at all ages) in life – and your Moses did and continues to do it to the hilt! By abandoning the “revenge” you accepted retreat in blandness, the refuge of small, lame souls… the “home” of the insignificant person who criticized you for it!
Joe & Vera

Dear Libby,
I’m disappointed that you have decided to change your signature “Living Well is the Best Revenge”.  It took me ages of close listening to determine whether you were saying “Living Well is the Best Defense, or the Best Revenge”.  Just as I get it, you decide to change.  While I was thinking that it might just be “Revenge” you were saying, I wondered if it was geared towards a parting of the ways between a couple.  When I hear it was related to cancer it became clear.  I too am on the up side of cancer after 5 years of struggle.  There is still a bit of a way to go yet, but at least I am starting to return to the mainstream of life.  However, we have a slightly different outlook on the definition of “Living Well”.  Being somewhat younger you relate it to a healthy lifestyle, while I am thinking that if I don’t do it now, I might never get to do so.  The debts I leave behind will be a mere token of what will be available at that time to cover them.  Consequently, I really like, “Living Well is the Best Revenge”.
Thanks, and keep doing your thing.

Hi Libby, I’m rather disappointed in your new tag line at the end of each of your radio broadcasts: “tips for living well”. It is certainly ‘politically correct’. But it is sadly colorless and lacking a bold point of view. The original one, “living well is the best revenge” is spot on and ballsy; it has blood. It’s obvious many people felt it had bad connotations; associating living out one’s life in some kind of vengeful and spiteful accordance. Not neccessarily so, I say! Whenever I heard it, I felt that living well afforded me a momentary victory; a momentary sense of revenge, if you will. The key word is momentary. Everybody hopes to have at least one moment in a day of a sense of clarity; a sense of victory and, yes, even a sense of revenge. I never felt it was negative (notwithstanding the very warranted reasons afforded you by virtue of your health issues in the past). Ultimately, I think revenge isn’t so much a state of mind as a state of time. If it is but momentary, then it probably does one more good than harm. Hope you bring it back! Best wishes,

Hello Libby,
I listen to 96.3 and love the station…..especially
driving down to work………keeps me sane with all
the outside distractions.
I like listening to your views on the “Zoomer Report”.
I personally welcomed that tagline of “Living Well is
the Best Revenge” a few years ago.  I went through
alot of life changes and that small slogan made me
stronger, for me, no one else.  As a small fact, I’m
not even at the age bracket of 50.  I know you can’t
please all members of your audience but I personally
like that tagline but I understand why you removed it.
I still hear you saying it at the end of your report
and I smile each time because I’m assuming you are as
well because it does hold a bit of truth.
Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

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