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Revenge Responses

Dear Libby, I’m sorry to hear there was controversy and confusion over your byline, “Living well is the best revenge,” because I thought it was the best byline I’d ever heard! I’m a Scientologist and we have a precept we follow when times or people are challenging and oppressive. That is “Flourish and prosper.” It comes from a book by L. Ron Hubbard, called The Way to Happiness. I think it’s crucial to fight back against life’s big and small problems and to get “revenge” in the positive way you describe, i.e., by living well. Anyway, one of your listeners loved it, I wanted you to know. I hope you spend many more decades getting revenge by living a long and happy life. Cheers.
– Shirley

Thank you for explaining your reasoning for using this word in your presentation. It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? I like your new choice of tag line. I also enjoy the subjects you discuss. Thanks again.
– Grace

Good Morning Ms. Znaimer,
My wife & I enjoy your “Living Well“ spots. In our opinion we love your line “living well is the best revenge”. I heard this morning you are planning to change it – Don’t change it please, people are too sensitive. Stay with THE REVENGE.
– Anne & Fred

Hello Libby;
I just heard your comment this morning explaining the “Living well is the best revenge”.
I’ll admit that phrase always seemed to irritate me (because I misinterpreted the phrase).  There was a certain negativity to it and resulted in a negative radio rapport with you.  I noticed recently that you have omitted this phrase.  This opened me up more to listening to you.  After this mornings explanation, the tables have completely turned. I understand, I have very positive feelings for you.  I think that your decision to use a different phrase was a good one because you omit a possibility for your listeners to misunderstand you.
I have listened to 96.3 for decades and continue to enjoy it at home, in the car and in the office. Thanks for all your work in providing this service.  I look forward to hearing you again.
– Michael

I just heard you say that you’re going to change your slogan and drop the “is the best revenge”.  I’m sorry to hear that but I guess you can’t please all of the people all of the time.  I totally get “Living Well is the Best Revenge”.  I always chuckled to myself hearing you say this.  At 61, I not only believe this but am proof of this.  I’ve always felt that I was “putting one over” on the ageing/illness process by living a healthy life style.
– Nancy

Hi Libby,
I heard your broadcast yesterday letting us know that you changed your tag line.  Too bad that folks seem to put a negative spin on so many things because “living well IS the best revenge.”  I really like your spots – they’re like a breath of fresh air.  Keep those tips coming. Cheers,
– Linda 

“Living well is the best revenge” –  My dictionary says that revenge is related to retaliation for an offence, retribution. For what is living well retaliation or revenge?  It sounds good but what does your motto mean? Cheers,
– Jeff

I was just reading your articles on the 96.3 website.  I am sorry to  hear that you decided to change your “tag line” of “living well is  the best revenge”, because it truly is!  I always looked at it in a  very positive way, noting that for each of us we have had to struggle  through one thing or another.  Once we take the positive aspects from  our struggles, it may, at times, be bitter sweet.  On the other hand,  having successfully come through whatever we faced, is something to  celebrate – sometimes it is the best revenge in that we have overcome  our challenges.  I really admire you for saying, and continue to  believe that…”living well is the best revenge” (indeed!). Blessings to you!
– Carol

Hi Libby,
Well, what can I say, no more revenge, no more pizzazz, your slogan, “living well is the best revenge” conjured up visions of beating life at its own game, joie de vivre,  something with life, something with spunk.

Are we going to stoop to the lowest common denominator or are we going to educate them and get them to see the joy of life, the opportunity to live and enjoy, the ability to raise out of their mud holes  and I think you with your history of illness you  would be the first there in line to add some spice to our otherwise dull radio life. I guess we are committed to a life
of blah blah blah. Sorry to hear you have changed.
– Tony

Hi Libby ! I heard this morning about your change of ‘Title’ to your Health report. You mentioned that people have commented on your previous ‘Title’ using the word ‘revenge’. I just found out where you were on the internet.Of course today is the first time I ever look you up ! ..But I meant to …!   So I started laughing a bit this morning about the change of ‘title and of words, because it is true; your listeners were right.  Yes, it was  a bit  aggressive that word ‘revenge’ but now we know why you used it: you were battling cancer . Now by your change of title and word, you are at a new level in your life, a level of peace, that your listeners have brought to you, and that you continue to share with us through your Health Report. One that I liked was the ten food items for Good Health. The battle is over (from what you have said about your cancer.) Peace be with You. My favorite radio station IS 96.3 fm.
– Michael

Hi Libby,
This morning I heard you talking about using your “Revenge” comment on the Report and your plan to discontinue it.  I must say it left me with relief to know I won’t have to hear that anymore.  It left me feeling unsettled and had a negative impact on me every time.  Now I can listen to your interesting Report and know it won’t wrap up with a “downer” for me any more.  “Revenge” just doesn’t feel good to me, no matter how we try to present it otherwise.  Thanks very much for doing that.

I listen to the station pretty much every day and all day long when I am operating in my clinic, Wednesday to Friday.  I also have it playing in my waiting room for patients, classical buffs or not!  Plus the car.  Plus at home.  I’m there!

I’ve been listening to the station since about 1980 through its evolution and am very happy that it is continuing its wonderful format and programming under the new management and ownership.  Thanks for the enjoyable hours I spend listening to you and all the folks at CFMZ. Yours truly,
– Paul

Bravo…never got the revenge part!
– Maria

I’ve enjoyed your slogan- “Living well is the best revenge”- very catchy and very applicable. Sorry that you’re giving it up!
– GL

I just heard your piece about your tagline not being understood by some people.  I always took it to mean that the revenge was against all the trials and  troubles life throws at us as well as all the naysayers and “putdowners” that try to assist in these efforts to make our lives miserable.

Since we can’t get out alive, living well IS the best revenge!
Don’t change it. Thanks,
– Roger

I just heard that you were dropping the tag line Living Well is the Best Revenge. I am sorry to hear that. I have found it to be inspirational so often.  I have quoted it to friends who were going through acrimonious separations…I have used it for myself that way too. It inspires me to be sure to take control of my life be it how I eat, how I play or how I relate or even how I react to stock market declines. I see it as…do what you will, I am going to live well regardless! The word revenge my have a negative connotation but for me it has some very positive energy!
– Kim

Hi Libby, I am on the Board of The Quilt Project which raises money for support programs for breast cancern surviors and their familes. While at the Toronto quilt auction this year, I purchased a quilt “Living well is the best revenge” and was telling Rose Shapiro (she is our interim Project Manager) about how thrilled the entire experience was. She said I just had to send you an email and let you know as it was the title of your book. Love your picture and admire your courage.
– Gail

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