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We’re all looking for the good life, so here’s a thought from social psychologist Fred Bryant. He says finding joy means opening yourself up to it. The value of taking time to appreciate positive experiences seems obvious— even trite. But it’s a skill that few of us have mastered.  For more than 20 years, Bryant has worked to understand the things we think and do to intensify or prolong positive feelings. Here are some easy ones:
1. Share positive feelings
2. Build memories
Take mental photographs of memorable moments that you can draw on later. Recall vivid, specific events, and pinpoint what brought you joy.
3. Take pride in your accomplishments, and share them with others.
4. Fine tune your senses
Close your eyes while you roll a square of dark chocolate over your tongue or fill your lungs with salty sea air
5. Compare downward.
6. Think about how things could be worse—or how things used to be worse.  or just take note: Is today sunnier than promised?
7. Fake it till you make it
Putting on a happy face—even if you don’t feel like it—actually can bring greater happiness.

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