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The self-improvement season is upon us. But here’s a resolution you probably haven’t thought of. Why not stop feeling guilty for the new year? Sure a little guilt can be good, but being consumed with compunction can suck the joy out of life. Here are 6 simple strategies for relieving the pressure:
1. Talk it out.
2. Try to make amends.
3. Try a reality check.
Maybe you’re feeling guilty about failing to meet others’ expectations, not your own.
4. Give yourself credit.
whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by guilt, stop and list five things you’ve done that are praiseworthy, whether they are small or large.
5. Break a sweat.
Instead of sitting around in a funk, get some exercise.Working out is like hitting the reset button on your brain.
And Beware of guilt trips.
Guilt isn’t always something that you load on yourself. Some people (whether they intend to or not) induce guilt in others — often to advance their own agendas.

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