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Fun photo: blast-off tuba!

Fun photo: blast-off tuba! featured image

Gabrielle Carruthers has a weapon in her tuba. Robyn Perry is blown away.


Nobody loves an attention-grabbing photo more than I do. My side hustle is styling and coordinating classical musician photo shoots. I LOVE artist photos filled with movement or action. Posing with instruments is one thing; an action shot during a concert is another. Then, there’s creating an action shot that has nothing to do with how your instrument is normally used. Now, I have to be clear about something – these fun photos only work with actual, trained musicians, who know how to handle these precious instruments. I don’t care for instruments being used only as a photographic prop (especially when a red rose is draped over the piano keys – PIANISTS DO NOT DO THIS) and it’s really bad when a non-musician model is attempting to pose as a musician, often holding the instrument totally incorrectly. You have no idea the snorts of derision among musicians when these pictures are circulated.

I LOVE the photo above, with University of Moncton music students Gabrielle Curruthers, (left) a tuba major, and Robyn Perry (right), a voice major. I came across this photo on Facebook of them clowning around. It’s a great shot, and I think if it were professionally done, would make a hell of a publicity photo.

The “blast-off tuba” photo reminds me of this shot, below. This hockey cello photo is part of VC2‘s media kit, and it’s my #1 photo that I wish I’d styled:

If you have a super creative classical instrument photo, send it along, with a blurb about the pic and who’s in it. You never know – I may feature it here!

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