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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Deloris the 12-year-old female cat

The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Deloris the 12-year-old female cat featured image

Deloris is a senior girl at Toronto Humane Society with enough personality to keep anyone on their toes. She ain’t no sweater-knitting, infomercial-shopping, inspirational-quote-mug collecting senior gal. She’s more like that eccentric aunt who goes on a cruise vacation once a year and always has a new boyfriend. She makes family get-togethers uncomfortable but way more interesting, and will definitely pull you aside for some unsolicited, wine-fueled life advice. In other words: personality. Lots of it. Pep and personality.

Deloris LOVES talking to visitors. She won’t let you pass by without giving her a visit. She’ll talk about whatever’s on her mind. It can be about anything. The benefits of traveling the world till you’re 50? Let her fill you in. The time she hung out with The Who at Woodstock? Better grab a chair. Her thoughts on trump? Don’t even go there.

If you’re into learning all about the 60s, naturopathic medicine, and, you know, the meaning of it all, then swing by the Toronto Humane Society and pay Deloris a visit!

For more information, visit Toronto Humane Society, check out her profile, or contact [email protected].

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