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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Ty the 11-year-old male cat

The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Ty the 11-year-old male cat featured image

The snuggliest snuggle bug, the cuddliest cuddle ball, the softest little softie, and the gentlest little gentleman, Ty is the ultimate lap, couch, and cuddle cat. He’s every warm sleep in you’ve ever had, rolled into one beautiful purr machine.

Had a long day? This sweetheart will make you forget about it. Need to vent? Ty is all ears. Need an excuse to stay at home on Friday night? He’s already breaking out the wine and pizza. You choose the movie.

We could go on. But why not let our awesome volunteers, who visit him every day, speak for him instead?

“What a complete sweetheart. All Ty wants is to cuddle. Very affectionate and curious.” — Ryan

“Amazing! Wow! I love this guy. Total gentle giant. Absolute lap cat. Didn’t want me to leave. And neither did I!” — Lisa

“Adorable, talkative little guy. Loves pets and brushing. Loves playing with the wand toy. Purred the whole time. Ty is super friendly. Such a sweet fellow. Loved being brushed and getting the neck scratches.” — Monica.

There you have it. The critics are raving. Ty is pretty much a four-legged angel with fur. He’s just looking for a laid-back home where he’ll get all the attention he deserves.

If you’re looking for the very embodiment of love, devotion, and the purest affection, look no further! Contact us at [email protected] if you’re interested in giving Ty a home!

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