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Happy Birthday Sergei Rachmaninov!

Happy Birthday Sergei Rachmaninov! featured image

Sergei Rachmaninov was born April 1, 1873. The triple threat pianist, conductor, composer’s works are amongst the most popular in the classical repertoire.

We asked our own in-house conductor, Kerry Stratton, host of The Oasis and Conductor’s Choice why he thinks Rachmaninov is such a great composer…

“My first exposure to Rachmaninov was his Symphony No. 2 and in particular the second movement which struck me as one of the most compelling heartfelt melodies I had ever heard… I was but 12 years old and it moved me as only my 12 year old heart could be moved. I think his power as a pianist is certainly felt in the piano concertos, in particular
No. 2, which is still immensely popular and shows no signs of leaving the stage. He also had the gift of melody, which is no small thing…”

Happy Birthday Rachmaninov!

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