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Happy Birthday Bela Bartok!

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Saturday March 25th marks the 136th birthday of Hungarian composer and pianist, Bela Bartok!

Bela Bartok’s is one of the most impressive and distinct musical voices to come out of the first half of the 20th century. Influenced on all sides by the rich tonal writing of Richard Strauss and Franz Liszt, the harmonic and textural freedom of Claude Debussy, the modern atonal experiments of Arnold Schoenberg and rhythmic drive of Stravinsky, Bartok’s music incorporated all of these with his world of Hungarian folk and peasant music, which he scoured the countryside to collect. The result is a wholly unique language, sometimes easy to get, sometimes a challenge, but always a brilliant blend of the intellectual and the visceral.

Rumanian Folk Dances:

String Quartet No. 3:

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