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Jackie Boy, Film Review by Marc Glassman

Jackie Boy, Film Review by Marc Glassman featured image

Jackie Boy
Cody Campanale, director and script
Starring: Alino Giraldi (Jackie), Shannon Coulter (Jasmine), Andrew Di Rosa (Tony), Edward Charette (Kal), Christine Bryson (Liz)

Jackie is the kind of good looking, unthinking young man who goes to bars, picks up women and thinks of them afterward as sluts. For fun, he takes nude pictures of his last conquest on her cell phone and tweets them to her friends. He has pals and they’re pretty ignorant, too. Kal, his best bro, is a sociopath, who hates nearly everything and everybody—especially women. Tony is actually in a relationship with Liz but he expects her to work and keep the house clean while he tries half-heartedly to get a job.

Cody Campanale has created a trio of characters, who are representative of the worst features of the average, fairly well-off, white Canadian male. His women are better—particularly Liz and Jasmine, the woman who actually starts to humanize Jackie.

In order to get Jackie to be interested in her, Jasmine does the reverse of what most women do with him. She refuses to have sex for quite a while and abruptly leaves when they’re having a good time. Jasmine is hard-to-get, which has always intrigued men, and she takes an interest in him as a person—particularly as a son.

Campanale has crafted a film that relies almost entirely on mood, music and cinematography. There’s little dialogue and most that does take place rarely arises above the functional. But cinema doesn’t have to be written by Shakespeare. An audience will “get” Campanale and his style.

What will make Jackie Boy a hard sell at the box office is a combination of two things: a group of unpleasant characters as protagonists—they really lack charm—and an ultra-violent ending. But Campanale shows real talent as do his leads: Alino Giraldi as Jackie and Shannon Coulter as Jasmine. We will see more of them in the future.

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Written by Marc Glassman
Adjunct Professor, Ryerson University
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