'The Artist' takes home best original score from the Golden Globes

On Sunday night The Artist took home three awards from the Golden Globes including best comedy, best lead actor (Jean DuJardin) and best musical score.

The buzz generated for this film continues to grow following the announcement of the BAFTA nominees. The Artist leads the field with 12 nominations including one for original music.

Ludovic Bource composed the score. Director Michel Hazanavicius and Bource have worked together on four previous films.

Prior to working as a composer for film Bource was a producer of a wide variety of music including hip-hop, metal and pop music. His relationship with music started as a child when he learned to play the accordion.

In an interview with DP/30, Bource describes the process of composing as taking in the image of the film and seeing the emotion behind it, feeling that emotion and composing from that place.

Our film critic, Marc Glassman, describes the composition as “[working] wonders—except when, on occasion, it becomes excessively romantic.”

[REVIEWS] Marc Glassman reviews The Artist

With the BAFTA’s coming up and Oscar nominations just around the corner, it seems that The Artist and its music are sure to get the recognition that they deserve.

“Waltz For Peppy” from The Artist. Composed by Ludovic Bource.

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