A Thank you from Maria Naveiro

I had a wonderful time during the recording session yesterday. It was very nice of Dan Buckman to introduce me to the people in the recording studio: sound engineers and producer. At one point during a break, Mr. Galway appeared to talk to the producer, and I had a chance to chat with him. I told him about my years as a flute player and he was very nice to ask me a few things about it.

During the session there were a photographer and a videographer, and I got a picture taken with Mr. Galway. I wonder if there would be a way to get a copy of it!

The music was fantastic and it was wonderful to see such talented Cuban musicians play with my ‘Flute Hero’. I was delighted.

One of the sound engineers, Dennis Patterson, was really generous to do a mini tour of the Glenn Gould studio for Dan and me, before we left.

What else could I have asked for?

I look forward to getting the CD in September or October, when they said it would be coming out.

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity.

– Maria Naveiro

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