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Window for Stroke Treatment

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We know that there is a limited window of time to prevent permanent damage from a stroke. But now there is research out of the University of Calgary which shows that there may be a bit more time than first thought for some patients.

Before the study, it was believed that patients had just six hours to benefit from a procedure called Endovascular Thrombectomy but the work suggests brain damage can still be diminished after seven hours. The treatment involves the use of a clot busting drug combined with an intravenous stent procedure to pull out the blockage.

Researchers gathered information from a number of trials to establish a better understanding of what the time limits are for application of the therapy. They say people still must get to hospital quickly so they can be assessed and get imaging so that doctors can make a timely decision about whether they are eligible for this therapy.

The findings also reinforce the need for speed between first responders and specialists. And the bottom line is people need to learn to recognize the signs of stroke in order to get help quickly.

This research was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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