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When to Freeze

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This is the time of year to enjoy fresh produce whether it comes from farmers’ markets or your own garden.  But you may not realize that many fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional value quickly when they’re stored for more than a few days.

Nutritionists say that’s partly because the produce was probably in transit and on shelves before you buy it. Once some fruits and vegetables hit the fridge, they can lose as much as 50 per cent of their vitamin C and other nutrients in a week, depending on the temperature.

There are several ways around this. Look for produce  that’s locally grown – it’s usually travelled shorter distances and is still near its nutritional peak – and try not to stock up on more than a few days’ supply.

Another option is frozen produce. While frozen fruits and vegetables may lack the flavour and aesthetic appeal of fresh, they are subjected to flash freezing immediately after being picked. That can slow or halt the loss of vitamins and nutrients.


Just refrigerating produce does not prevent the loss of its nutrients.

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