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It’s a fitness regime that seems perfectly tailored for Zoomers. Functional fitness is one of the latest gym buzzwords. It’s a type of exercise program that mimics the activities of daily life. It focuses on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions, not just lifting a certain amount of weight in an idealized posture created by a gym machine. For instance, lifting grocery bags out of the car requires forearm strength and balance. To put those bags away on high kitchen shelves you need shoulder flexibility and calf muscle stability.

According to WebMD, conventional exercise isolates muscle groups. Functional exercise is about teaching all the muscles to work together.

For example, If you use the seated row at the gym, you’re sitting in a chair with your chest pressed against pads, and you pull two levers back. In functional fitness, most of the time you would be standing and supporting your own weight when you lift anything.

As people age, there’s wear and tear on the body. They lose muscle mass, bone strength and their sense of balance. Not only can functional fitness help Zoomers with everyday tasks. It can also help ensure they are able to travel as long as possible, by building the muscles they need to put luggage in the overhead bin, or get in and out of a cab without help.

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