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Dangers of Sitting

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There’s more evidence to back up research we first told you about in 2011. It’s important for anyone with a desk job or a serious screen habit. Three years ago, scientists in Australia found people who sit for extended periods of time without getting up are at higher risk for heart disease than those who take regular breaks to walk around.

Now a study of 93,000 older American women found those who spent more than 11 hours a day sitting or inactive had a 12 percent higher risk of premature death from all causes than those who were inactive for four hours or less per day. They are also at 27 per cent greater risk of dying from heart disease and a fifth more likely to die of cancer.

This applied to those who were fit and exercised regularly as much as to those did not. That finding was the same in the 2011 study and it means a visit to the gym won’t make up for too many hours in front of the TV.

The researchers explained that women begin to lose muscle mass at the age of 35, and the change accelerates with menopause.

Being sedentary makes it harder to regain physical strength once it has been lost.

So the bottom line is everyday movement on top of working out is vital for maintaining health.

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