Bad Habits and Hospital Stays

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What’s your smoking status and how often do you consume alcoholic beverages? Those are just two of the questions on an online calculator that will put a number on your life expectancy, and on the amount of time you might expect to spend in hospital. On a more positive note, kit will also tell you what is the largest risk factor you can change. This iss part of a project from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the University of Ottawa  that found nearly one of every three days Ontarians spent in a hospital bed could be attributed to smoking, physical inactivity, poor diet and unhealthy alcohol consumption.

It found that men with all four bad habits end up in hospital about 25 years earlier than men with none of them. For women, the gap is 20 years. Here’s lead author Dr. Doug Manuel.

While other studies have looked at the impact of these behaviours individually, this is the first time they have been assessed as a group. And there’s also a big cost to the system – 1.8 billion dollars a year. To see what the calculator says about your lifestyle, go to .
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