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Arthritis and Weight Loss

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Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from knee pain caused by arthritis? According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association heavy Zoomers who lose 10% of their body weight can relieve pain, improve their mobility and enhance their quality of life.

The 18-month study followed up on earlier findings that showed a 5 percent weight loss brought these benefits to this group. It led researchers to wonder if a bigger weight loss would bring even better outcomes.

There were more than 450 participants who were obese or overweight, sedentary, and over the age of 55. They were randomly assigned to — diet-only, exercise-only, and diet and exercise combined groups. Those on the combined diet-and-exercise regimen lost more weight than the others and had less knee pain, better function, and faster walking speed.

The researchers noted that the more pounds a person dropped, the better they felt. They believe this can delay or even prevent many knee replacements.

The Arthritis Foundation says these findings should be encouraging. They demonstrate that people don’t necessarily have to get down to their ideal body weight to see results, when dropping 10% of body weight can be a more attainable goal.

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