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The Latest In Liberation Therapy

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Here’s the latest on the controversial experimental treatment for MS called “liberation Therapy.” A Canadian study from McMaster University in Hamilton is the latest to cast doubts on the theory behind it, concluding it has no basis in scientific fact.

The theory by Italian vascular surgeon Paolo Zamboni holds that MS is related to blockages in the main veins draining the neck.

He pioneered a procedure to widen the veins, and thousands of MS sufferers have sought the surgery around the world.

But after researchers examined 100 MS patients and 100 people without the disease, they found no link between impaired blood flow or blockage in the veins. The study’s lead researcher said it’s rare to find results as black and white as the ones in this research.

The study was the first of its kind in Canada, and followed others that challenged Zamboni’s hypothesis. With some patients still singing the praises of this treatment, the question is will these e results discourage others who want the surgery.

Some say still more study is needed.

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