Health and Zoomer Sex

Zoomers believe sexuality is an important part of life and for those who are active, frequency declines only slightly from their 50s to their early 70s.

That’s the conclusion of the first comprehensive American survey of Zoomer sexual attitudes and behaviors. Researchers from the University of Chicago studied 6000 people up to the age of 85. They found better health translates into better sex, a for a good sex life, health is a more important factor than age.

The authors created a novel measure called “sexually active life expectancy.” They say men aged 55 can expect another 15 years of sex while women of the same age can expect about eleven more active years. The gender gap is probably because fewer women have partners.

Overall, more men reported a satisfying sex life than women, and the chasm widened as people aged. This gender gap was most noticeable among 75-to-85-year olds, with nearly 40 per cent of men, reporting being sexually active compared to less than half as many women. And more men today are reporting an interest in sex than in 2000. That’s probably related to new medications like Viagra.

The researchers say fact that men are doing better than women is something that needs attention. They’re hoping it will comfort people to know that they are not alone in enjoying sexual activity as they age or in experiencing problems, some of which can be alleviated with medical attention.

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