Cholesterol and Prostate Cancer

Here’s another reason to make sure your cholesterol is normal.  Scientists in the US found men with lower blood cholesterol may be protected against the most deadly forms of prostate cancer.

According to a study in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, men in the “normal” cholesterol range were almost 60 per cent less likely to suffer an aggressive cancer than those with higher readings.

The evidence emerged from a study of 5,500 men 55 and older. Over a three year period, 1,200 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Those with total blood cholesterol readings in the “normal” range below 200 milligrams per decilitre had a 59 per cent reduced risk of developing aggressive tumours.

But the researchers found cholesterol levels appeared to have no impact on the overall prostate cancer risk, only the chances of suffering an aggressive form of the disease.

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