Organic standards

Here’s some good news if you’re thinking of adding more organic food to your diet. Not only have there been some recent health scares involving organically grown produce. At the best of times it can be hard to figure out what the moniker “organic” actually means. Now, after more than seven years of effort, the federal government is applying national standards to organic food and taking control of certifiers and their inspections.

Only organic farmers or producers who meet the requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will be allowed to label their products organic. They may choose to carry a new logo that assures consumers their products meet Canadian standards.

For produce, that means it must be 100-per-cent organic. Products containing multiple ingredients must have 95 per cent organic content to be deemed organic. If it has less that that, the label will state that it was made with a specific percentage of organic material.

While the standards in Canada may differ slightly from those in the U.S., the two countries recently negotiated an equivalency agreement that will allow the continued smooth flow of certified organic products between the two countries without the need to certify their products twice.

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