Extra Weight and longevity

With all the warnings about the dangers of being overweight, here’s some evidence that packing on some extra pounds might actually help you live longer.
The study examined 11,000  Canadians over 12 years and found that overweight people were 17 per cent less likely to die than people with normal weight. The findings support similar studies done in the United States.

Reserachers speculate that overweight people might survive longer because their extra heft gives them more resilience when they become old or ill. Since people lose fat faster than muscle, having that bit of extra weight might help in preventing frailty.
And these days doctors are  better at detecting and treating maladies associated with excess weight.

But they caution these findings should not be seen as a reason to overindulge.

And if you’re in the normal weight range, you should NOT go out and try to gain weight.

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