Cellphone Elbow

Do you spend a lot of time on a cellphone? How’s your elbow? Doctors in the U.S. say they are seeing more cases of numbness, tingling and pain from “cellphone elbow.”

Cubital tunnel syndrome is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome that causes pain in the hand and wrist, but in this case it’s the ulnar nerve that crosses the inside of the elbow that gets pinched

Doctors don’t know how many cases of this are out there, but they say the numbers are proportional to the rise in the use of cellphones and computer workstations.”

The repetitive strain injury is caused by prolonged flexing of the elbow.  Patients often notice numbness inside the hand in the ring and little finger but symptoms vary between people.

Therapists say physiotherapy and acupuncture can settle the inflammation, and shaking and pumping the arm can also help.

Other tips include:
– Using a hands-free headset.
– Switching hands while on the phone.
– Using an elbow pad to keep the arm straight at night.

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