Diet Changes

Are you eating less than you did a few years ago? Most of us are. According to Statistics Canada, we consume an average of 2,382 calories per day – a decline of 131 calories since the peak in 2001.

It may not sound like much, but that 100 extra calories a day can increase weight by 10 extra pounds in a year.

Even better, the new numbers reflect a shift in diet. We’re eating more cereals, berries, yogurts, processed and fresh fruits, asparagus and poultry, and less oils, red meats and soft drinks.

On the other hand, milk has gone out of fashion, a trend which began two decades ago and one which could have negative implications for bone health. Last year Canadians drank only 57.7 litres of milk per person per year, compared to 70 litres in 1988. Consumption of ice cream dropped by 14 per cent compared to 2007, though cheese remains a favourite.

Despite the drop in calories, we still eat too much, says the non-profit Obesity Canada – especially in light of our increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

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