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Have you ever come home from work, tired and hungry, to an empty fridge and picked up the phone to order in dinner — or grazed your way through the evening?

The key to successful long-term healthy eating is getting organized. If you’re trying to lose weight, having a meal plan can help ensure your success. You’ll avoid the stress of having to figure it out at the end of a hectic day, and you’ll save money on restaurant food.

Here are some tips from nutritionist Leslie Beck.

Write down a week’s worth of dinners. Consider your family’s schedule of extracurricular activities and social events, and make allowances for days you get home late.

Engage your family in the meal planning process to get their buy-in.

Post your weekly meal plan in a visible spot to ward off complaints by reminding everyone what’s been agreed upon for dinner.

You don’t have to have a family to reap the benefits of meal planning. It works just as well when you’re cooking for one.

Once you have your meals planned out, write a grocery list. That way, you’ll buy only what you need.

Grocery shopping once a week saves time and money. Although you may need to restock fresh produce midweek, try to buy all the essentials just once.

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