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Cooking Veggies Right

Buying fresh produce and then not cooking it right is a waste. Here are some tips from the Oprah doctors Oz and Roizen on how to get the most from your vegetables:

* Steam them. Boiling, sautéeing or roasting can rob some vegetables of vital nutrients, while steaming helps keep nutrients in. It may lower LDL cholesterol — that’s the bad cholesterol. Steaming did that with steamed beets, okra, carrots, eggplant, green beans, asparagus and cauliflower.

* Don’t be afraid to use oil. A little olive oil or canola on your veg adds flavour and helps your body absorb their vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Much of the good stuff needs to be hitched to a little fat for the intestinal wall to absorb it.

* Sauce your vegetables with tomato. Cooking a tomato boosts its level of lycopene, a nutrient that may reduce your risk of heart disease. Like them raw? Dice or purée them; the more you process them, the more lycopene you unleash.

* Put away the peeler. Skins contain health-giving phytochemicals, but can harbour pesticides – especially in potatoes. If you love the skins, it’s worth putting out for organic spuds. For other veggies: wash them in the salad spinner three times.

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