Stroke Warning

Do you recognize the warning signs of a stroke? According to a new poll from the heart and Stroke Foundation, less half of us would know enough to call 911 right away. Here’s Dr. Marco diBuono:

“People think that its not as much of an emergency – my friend, my loved one, my colleague hasn’t collapsed, so why don’t I rush them to hospital, or this might pass, or I’ll call my doctor, but the best thing to do with stroke is to call 9-1-1.”

Time is of the essence. There is a treatment for the most common form of stroke – but it must be administered within three hours of the onset of warning signs.

“You brain starts to get affected right away, so every minute that you are not being treated for the oncoming stroke, you are actually doing damage to your brain that could potentially become permanent, and very debilatating.”

The warning signs of stroke include:

  • Sudden loss of strength or sudden numbness in the face, arm or leg.
  • Sudden difficulty speaking or understanding.
  • Sudden trouble with vision.
  • A sudden severe and unusual headache.
  • Dizziness – and sudden loss of balance, especially in combination with any of the above signs.

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