Emotional Wisdom

New research proves that wisdom really does come with age, at least when it comes to your emotions. 

A study from the University of Alberta and Duke University identified brain patterns that help healthy older people regulate and control emotion better than their younger counterparts. 

During the study, younger and older participants were asked to rate the emotional content of emotionally challenging situations, while their brain activity was monitored with an MRI. The older participants rated the images as less negative than the younger participants. The scans showed increased interactions between the region of the brain that controls emotion detection, and the area region involved in emotion control.

According to the lead researcher the findings show that emotional control improves with aging, and that it’s because of the increased interaction between these two brain regions. 

This research may have clinical implications. If scientists can better understand how the brain works to make older people more positive, hopefully they can use this knowledge to treat mental health issues like depression and anxiety disorders.

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