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Preventing Jet Lag

Planning a trip to a different time zone? Here are some tips for preventing jet lag.

A study conducted by The Edinburgh Sleep Centre on behalf of British Airways found that people can adjust their body clocks  by altering their light patterns. So, Wear sunglasses towards the end of a long  flight and for the first several hours after landing.

A passenger who does not wear sunglasses will need one day to recover for every hour of time difference traveled westwards, and it takes 50 per cent longer when flying eastwards.

While some experts advise changing your watch to the destination time as soon as you board, experts say it doesn’t work unless you adjust the rest of your routine to the same time – eating at the ‘new’ dinner time and taking a nap if it’s the ‘new’ night time.
Other strategies include :Storing up on sleep by going to bed a little earlier for a few days before you leave and  sleeping as much as possible on the flight.
Also drink plenty of water during the flight and avoid alcohol, coffee, and tea. Eat lightly, walk up and down the isles and stretch during a long flight. Finally,take it easy on the day you arrive to allow yourself to adjust.

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