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It’s often been said that it’s easier to learn things when you’re young. But it’s not just a question of age. There’s been a lot of research on the best ways to retain information, and here are some easy tips.  If possible, always try to break up learning into separate sessions, rather than studying in a marathon. According to Dr.  Doug Rohrer of the University of South Florida,  immersion –style courses yield excellent performance right after the class. However, if you want to retain the knowledge  in the long run, you’re much better off spending the same amount of time distributed across a semester or a year.

Sleep On It

Hit the books; then hit the sack.. That will help the brain lock in what you learned. According to a Harvard study, even naps are beneficial, and a 90-minute snooze after learning a task can make you perform 50 per cent better.

Don’t Overlearn

Once you’ve remembered the information you’re studying, give it a rest. Continuing to practice does very little for long-term retention. It’s best to study a lot of material for a little bit of time in one session, rather than a little bit of material for a lot of time.

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