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Four Longevity Tips

So you spent your youth smoking, eating donuts, or keeping the couch warm. Don’t worry.

There are four simple steps middle-aged people can take to undo the damage  — even if they haven’t exactly been health superstars until now. This comes from celebrity doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen of Oprah fame.

They are mostly modest changes to start undoing all the unhealthy things you did before:

First, eat more than five servings of fruit and vegetables.
Walk at least 2.5 hours a week. It’ll be easier if you find a walking buddy.

Shave your  body mass index, your BMI, to under 30; 24.9 is ideal. You can easily find BMI tables online. I’ve saved the most important and most difficult item for last.

Quit smoking. There are a number of effective, new quitting techniques out there.

Try to make all four changes.It’s your best shot at lowering your risk of heart disease. But tackling even one or two items will still have an impact on your longevity.

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