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Valentine’s day may be over, but according to  the fruit and vegetable experts at you can keep the feeling going by replacing  that box of candy with a bag of carrots or a batch of bananas. People have used fruits and vegetables to increase their sexual appetite for centuries.  In some cases, the libido-building powers of these foods are believed to stem from their suggestive shape or color. In others, the key is the vitamins, minerals and enzymes they contain.

The website recommends that you set the table for seduction with items like: apples, artichokes, and asparagus, which has ample doses of Vitamins A and C, calcium, iron and potassium.

19th century French bridegrooms were required to eat several helpings of asparagus because of its reputed love powers.

Avocado’s  use as an aphrodisiac dates back to about 200 B.C., when it was reportedly used by Mayans. Bananas – Aside from their obvious shape, the banana is rich in potassium and B vitamins necessary to the production of sex hormones..
The ancient Greeks believed carrots were a sexual stimulant.
Figs and strawberries have been regarded as aphrodisiacs based on their appearance. If you want to double your pleasure, try dipping them in some healthy dark chocolate –the ultimate sexual superfood.

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