Cold Comfort

It’s cold and flu season, and recent research shows that the foods you eat play a role in boosting your body’s immunity to illnesses. You should maintain a healthy diet that regularly includes a variety of fruit, vegetables, protein and whole grains, along with a daily multivitamin.

Some good examples include citrus fruits high in  vitamin C that may help clear blocked nasal passages and provide quick natural relief from cold symptoms.

Garlic contains allin which is believed to be useful to your immune system. It is best added to foods near the end of cooking.

Honey coats the throat to relieve soreness and irritation, and  also blocks the growth of bacteria entering the body from the mouth.

Cayenne pepper and chilies clear sinuses and ease congestion.

Tea helps fight viral infections while inhibiting the growth of bacteria. It also contains tannins that can aid in digestion and reduce stomach upset.

Finally, drink water. Staying well hydrated will  help flush infections and toxins from the body.

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