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This is the time of year when many of us fulfill a resolution to start exercising by joining a gym. The key is to find the right gym, but the choices are overwhelming because industry statistics suggest that 50 per cent of individuals who sign up for a gym membership never come back after the first month.
Here’s a checklist to consider:

  • Set up a tour – or better yet, set up several tours so that you can visit more than one facility – at the time of day that you’ll normally be exercising.
  • Make sure the hours suit you, see that the place is spic and span, and that the equipment is in good working order.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends and family.
  • And take a look at the other people using the gym  Will you feel comfortable working out in the crowd? Are they intimidatingly toned and fit? It is mostly a younger set? Like in real estate, the most important thing is Location, location.

If you choose a gym that’s far away, it will be harder to get over there. It’ll be much easier if you find one  between work and home, or next to a favourite haunt.

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