Giving Back

Finding The Right Volunteer Opportunity

If finding the right volunteer opportunity is at the top of your to-do list, a good way to start is to ask the same questions you’ve asked in your paid career. “Where do I start? What am I qualified for?”
First, understand your objectives for volunteering.
Whether you want to give back to a specific cause, meet new people, or support your own career transition, understanding your motives will help narrow your search and guide you through the process.
Review your interests and passions.
Do you have a special hobby or cause?  Volunteering is great way to make a deeper connection with an organization that represents and supports your personal interests.
Finally, define your skills and talents.
You need to find a fit between your expertise and a non-profit’s needs. But think creatively. If you have strong financial skills, you can help with the organization’s accounting, but you can also do fund-raising or help children in need of math support. There is more than one way to use your talents. The bottom line, your volunteer experience should enhance your life and bring you meaning, balance and joy.

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