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Painting With Food

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Call me stuffy! Call me humourless and uptight, and rigid and unenlightened, and any other derogatory word you can think of that will show how narrow- minded I am, but I will NOT (Am I being unambiguous enough?) ever bring myself to the point where I would be willing to call the following 20 images ‘Art!.’

Cute? Yes. Skilled? Yes. But Art? Never!

No doubt I risk offending some of my pet owner friends, but these photos have as much to do with Art as dressing up innocent felines and canines in human clothing and making them ‘dance’ on their tippy-toes.

Food is to be blessed and revered.

It is beautiful in its own right.

It is delicious, nourishing, comforting, and sometimes decadent.

Please! Let’s leave it at that.

Click here to see the full gallery of art made with food.

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