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Something a little different for Art Tidbits, prompted by the sheer comic brilliance of Rowan Atkinson. I’m all for anything that gives people a laugh – we need this more than ever in our suffering old world – particularly the kind that isn’t at someone else’s expense.

The media have given us lots of comic artists and many of them do manage to escape the temptation to be mean-minded, and do a fine job at their craft.

Still, rarely is their work elevated to the highest level; Chaplin’s Little Tramp, for instance; or the great Laurel and Hardy routines, still causing people to roar with laughter all over the world over a century after their creation.

Except, perhaps for this man, the great British performer/clown/actor/ comedian Rowan Atkinson

If you watch this clip you’ll be linked to a great body of his work.

That’s certainly what I’m going to be doing…

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