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It took me much of my lifetime to give Gustave Caillebotte his proper due, his Paris Street being the first thing to greet me on my premiere visit to the Chicago Art Institute, a place so wonderful that I wonder why it took me so long to get there.

He was a – shall we say -‘vigorous’ painter, certainly in comparison to his many other impressionist painter friends, Monet, and Renoir and the like.

Perhaps it was because, as well as being a painter, he was also an engineer, and a very successful one whose material well-being went a long way to promoting his artist friends who lived by their brush alone.

For a long time he was – improperly – not given his due as painter, which is so patently unfair. But that, unfortunately, is often the case with those whose skills extend to things other than art. For all the Laissez-Faire philosophy of the art world, there is – in addition – something akin to snobbery regarding those who do well financially in other ways that don’t involve making art; an assumption that, in some way, when they DO make art, it must be inferior to that of the Full- Timer.

Yes, even the gifted can be defensive and small-minded.

See the full web museum of Gustave Caillebotte here

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