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This Week’s Latest Design Trend…”Robot Like Appliances”

This Week’s Latest Design Trend…”Robot Like Appliances” featured image


WiFi-assisted appliances can listen to us, and will soon  talking to each other. You can ask your oven to preheat to 350 degrees; or ask your dishwasher if the dishes are clean.

Family Hub refrigerators have a built-in camera allowing you to actually check the contents from your smart phone at the grocery store.

Dishwashers to mini refrigerator appliance drawers are also becoming quite popular. Imagine a self-cleaning toilet that sanitizes itself with electrolyzed water; well they are actually in common use in Japan.

Thoughts of the Jetsons with their robot “Rosie” comes to mind with perhaps a robot to who will fold our cloths in our future.  For more information on this week’s latest Design Trend visit the pages Of On The Bay Magazine  Spring issue (page 80).

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