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Collingwood Whisky and Rye Comes to Town

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“Whisky should be enjoyed. Not endured” is the slogan for Collingwood Whisky, a hand-crafted spirit distilled at Brown-Forman’s Canadian Mist distillery in Collingwood.

Using crystal clear filtered water from Georgian Bay and top-choice grains from Ontario farmers, Collingwood Whisky is aged in white oak barrels and mellowed with maple through a special technique of inserting toasted maple wood “staves” into the barrels.

“Our whisky is a unique product that derives its inspiration from the iconic heritage and natural resources of the Southern Georgian Bay region,” says Brad Fletcher, managing director of Brown-Forman Canada.  “Hand crafted by local people in Collingwood, it’s a great, smooth Canadian whisky.”

On the third Tuesday of every month, local favourite The Dam Pub offers public whisky tastings. The next tasting will be on Tuesday, August 18th and for a small fee, you can enjoy samples of three selected whiskies with a perfect complimentary food pairing.

“The event has been a huge success,” says pub owner Stephanie Price. “Our signature dessert house paté is a wildly popular menu item for pairing. People keep coming back for more.”

Head to Collingwood for your next sip! For more info visit

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